Amber Flash drive,amber mosaic USB key, amber key chain, modern key chain

  • €35.00

This is a key chain with integrated USB flash drive (8GB). It is made of metal, decorated with Baltic amber mosaic.Flash drive,amber mosaic USB key, amber key chain.It was handmade in Lithuania.

Every item slightly differs in color combination, since every piece of amber has different shades and color. Please contact us before ordering and specify what color combination you would like to order.

If you would like to order an USB drive with mosaic of different color or shape (or any other feature) - contact us! We will do our best and try to create an item you like :)


1. Drive Capacity: 16- 8GB
2. Operating Systems: Works on all Major Operating Systems
3. Color: Silver, Mosaic of Baltic amber


We ship our product by priority mail in 1-3 days. After Your order is shipped You will receive a notice from us and a tracking number. Shipping may take up to  10-25 business days, depending on your location. We also can arrange expedited shipping!

If you are looking for an unique and beautiful gift - Baltic amber is an excellent choice.


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